Vevo to require users to have Facebook account to register


    Music video website Vevo sent an email to its users today announcing that they will soon be required to log into using Facebook, The Next Web reports.

    The news brings back speculation that Vevo could move from YouTube to Facebook. Vevo’s contract with Google lasts another year, but a possible deal with Facebook could result in an ad revenue sharing model similar to what Google and Vevo have now. A partnership could help Facebook monetize and give it another advantage over Google. Vevo would likely benefit from getting a higher cut of advertising. It currently gives Google 35 percent.

    The email to Vevo users says a new version of the site is coming March 9. At that point, all accounts must be connected with Facebook. Streaming service Spotify is another music platform that recently switched to Facebook-only login. The Spotify app has quickly reached 15.9 million monthly active users, according to our AppData traffic tracking service. Vevo’s Facebook app has only 390,000 MAU, but most people access Vevo videos through YouTube, not has full Open Graph integration. When users watch music videos, stories are automatically shared to Ticker, Timeline and News Feed. The site incorporates Like buttons and Facebook comments. Google-owned YouTube does not. YouTube also doesn’t require users to log in. But by getting users to watch more videos on or a new Facebook app, Vevo can provide users with more personalized experiences and collect more data about its audience.

    We analyzed what future a partnership between Facebook and Vevo would do for the social network here.

    Image credit: The Next Web

    Vevo to require users to have Facebook account to register


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