When Giant House-Eating Snails Attack


    Photo: Bobbi Zimmerman/AP

    Forget zombie invasion! There’s something scarier attacking Miami, Florida,
    slowly right now. Reeeeal slow. Behold the invasion of the Giant
    African Land Snails:

    They can grow to be 10 inches long. They leave a slimy trail of
    excrement wherever they go. They harbor the microscopic rat-lung worm,
    which can transmit meningitis to humans. And they will literally eat
    your house.

    “They'll attach to the side of the house and eat the stucco
    off the side of the house,” Gaskalla says. The snails are also
    attracted to garbage and pet food that's been left out.

    Read more over at NPR’s All Things Considered: Link

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    When Giant House-Eating Snails Attack


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