18 months after discovery, the “Nintendo PlayStation” is finally working


In the nearly 18 months since a CD-ROM-based “Nintendo PlayStation” prototype was first found in an estate sale , emulator makers and homebrew programmers have created a facsimile of what CD-based games would look like on an SNES . Efforts by hacker Ben Heck to get that kind of software actually working on the one-of-a-kind hardware, though, had been stymied by problems getting the CD-ROM drive to talk to the system. Those problems are now a thing of the past. In a newly posted video , Heck lays out how the system’s CD-ROM drive suddenly started sending valid data to the system literally overnight. “I was working on this yesterday and the CD-ROM wasn’t even detecting the disc,” Heck says in the video. “I came in this morning and jiggled the cables around and got ready to work on it some more, and all of a sudden it works… did a magic elf come in overnight?” Read 5 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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18 months after discovery, the “Nintendo PlayStation” is finally working


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