An anonymous person with $86 million in bitcoin is giving it to charity


The Pineapple Fund was started by some nice person whose early acquisition of bitcoins made him a multimillionaire. He’s donating $86 million to different charities, including the EFF (who gets $1 million) FAQ Who are you, and why? Sometime around the early days of bitcoin, I saw the promise of decentralized money and decided to mine/buy/trade some magical internet tokens. The expectation shattering returns of bitcoin over many years has lead to an amount far more than I can spend. What do you do when you have more money than you can ever possibly spend?Donating most of it to charity is what I’m doing. For reference, The Pineapple Fund is bigger than the entire market cap of bitcoin when I got in, and one of the richest 250 bitcoin addresses today. How many bitcoins do you have? The Pineapple Fund represents a majority of my cryptocurrency holdings. Why are you remaining anonymous? Publicity has never been the point of this fund. I’m an individual. Can I get some bitcoins? The answer is no. Pineapple Fund is charity, but not that kind of charity. Please do not apply or email. We have never funded an individual request and we never will. Why the name, Pineapple Fund? I like pineapple. The only bad thing about pineapple is you can’t eat too much ūüôĀ

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An anonymous person with $86 million in bitcoin is giving it to charity


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