Charter tests streaming-only cable service for $20/month


If you’ve cut the cable cord, or have been tempted to do so, you may be getting yet another streaming option soon. Cable company Charter Communications is testing a new streaming service called Spectrum Stream among their internet subscribers. According to Reddit users who have been offered Spectrum Stream, the service costs $20/month and has 25 TV channels, including local broadcast networks, AMC, TNT, FX and the Food Network. For an additional $15 per month for three years, users can subscribe to a higher tier that includes more premium channels. Networks such an HBO and Showtime are an additional $7.50 per month each. It takes yet another additional $12/month for access to sports networks. It’s important to note that this service appears to be streaming only; there are no set-top boxes and no DVR features. Subscribers can access their channels through apps on their mobile devices and existing streaming devices. They also will have tiered access tiered access (depending on subscription level) to Charter’s vast on demand catalog. Until recently, cable companies have been reluctant to ditch ESPN from low-tier packages because of pressure from its owner, Disney. But more and more customers are canceling service to stop paying high fees for channels they don’t watch; it’s inevitable that these cable companies would seek lower priced options. As more cable companies try to court cord cutters, it will be interesting to see how services such as this complement or compete with other streaming companies. Via: Fast Company Source: Reuters , Reddit

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Charter tests streaming-only cable service for $20/month


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