Finnish HIV Vaccine Testing To Begin


First time accepted submitter ultranova writes with news of a new phase in trials for an HIV vaccine. From the article: “Some 1, 000 patients throughout France and Switzerland will take part on the trials, with the first phase involving hundreds of HIV sufferers. Participant numbers will increase as the program progresses. … According to Reijonen, the GTU technology developed by FIT Biotech is also suitable for use as a preventive HIV vaccine, however, he says that such a drug is still ten years away.The central idea behind HIV vaccine development is the use of genetic immunization. Genes are introduced into the body in order to generate a controlled immune response against HIV. Gene Transport Unit (or GTU) technology refers to FIT Biotech’s patented method by which genes can be safely introduced into the body.” Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Finnish HIV Vaccine Testing To Begin


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