‘PUBG’ sets new record with three million simultaneous players


In case you needed further proof that people really, really, really like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ( PUBG ), Steam has your back. Today, the game shattered its previous concurrent-players record by more than double the amount, peaking at 3, 106, 358 this morning, according to Valve’s game-selling platform. As of this month, PUBG had some 25 million players on PC overall. In September , the game peaked at 1, 342, 857 concurrent players. Not too shabby for a game that only recently exited beta. The closest competitor to today’s numbers? The free-to-play Dota 2 (again), with a comparatively paltry 704, 938. By comparison, PUBG amassed over a million players on Xbox One in its first 48 hours a few weeks back. OVER 3 MILLION!! Thank you all for helping us reach this amazing milestone! GG WP everybody , PlayerUnknown (Twitter)

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‘PUBG’ sets new record with three million simultaneous players


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