Android 6.0 has a great auto backup system that no one is using (yet)


We recently published a  rather lengthy review of Google’s newest operating system, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but there was one feature we couldn’t get working in time for the review: the new automatic backup feature for app data. The theory is that this feature would take all your app data, stick it in the cloud, and when you restore your phone or buy a new one, it would be like nothing ever changed—all your settings and logins would come back like magic. “Theory” is the key word, since we only had Google’s descriptions and the behavior of the Android M Developer Preview to go on for the review. One week and lots of research later, we think we’ve nailed down how the system works in the final version. What follows is a rewrite of the backup section that we’ll paste into the review, but since it is 95 percent new content and information, we’re giving it a separate article, too. If you’ve had any experience with the Developer Preview’s backup behavior, it really doesn’t apply to the final version. The Developer Preview took a brute force “back up everything” approach to app data, which in part was for Google’s testing to see how such a system would work. The final version takes a safer, consumer-ready route that has a lot more restrictions for what gets backed up. Read 32 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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Android 6.0 has a great auto backup system that no one is using (yet)


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