'Antimagnet' Cloak Hides Objects From Magnetic Fields


    ananyo writes “Researchers have made a cloak that can hide objects from static magnetic fields, realizing a theoretical prediction they made last year. This ‘antimagnet’ could have medical applications, but could also be used to subvert airport security. The cloak’s interior is lined with turns of tape made from a high-temperature superconductor. Superconductors repel magnetic fields, so any magnetic field enclosed within a superconductor would be undetectable from outside. But the superconductor itself would still perturb an external magnetic field, so the researchers coated its external side with an ordinary ferromagnet. The superconductor tries to repel external field lines, whereas the ferromagnet tries to draw them in — together, the two layers cancel each other out (abstract).”

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    'Antimagnet' Cloak Hides Objects From Magnetic Fields


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