Aphex Twin gives away 150 unreleased tracks on SoundCloud


To say that Richard D. James likes mixing music and technology is the biggest understatement this side of Bruce Willis admitting he’s a bit thin on top. The artist better known as Aphex Twin has previously tweaked his music so that, if you ran the track Formula through a spectroscope, you’d see his face , not to mention launching his last album through Tor . 2015 has seen the musician decide to release a plethora of demo material onto SoundCloud , albeit under the guide of user48736353001 . According to FACT Magazine , the tracks are all demos and unfinished works that were written and performed in the late ’80s and early ’90s. When he started back in January, there were only a handful of tracks on the page, but that figure has ballooned to 150, all of which are downloadable for AFX completists. If all of these tracks haven’t satisfied your yearning for new Twin, then you should also be aware that Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt. 2 is also available to buy. [Image Credit: NRK P3/ Flickr ] Filed under: Home Entertainment , Portable Audio/Video , Internet Comments Via: FACT , (2) Source: Soundcloud

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Aphex Twin gives away 150 unreleased tracks on SoundCloud


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