BoXZY all-in-one 3D printer, CNC mill, & laser engraver


Maker Ben Saks of KinetiGear is crowdfunding BoXZY , a desktop fabricator bringing micromanufacturing to the masses. Users can shape wood, plastics, and many metals using most commercial CAM programs. Read the rest

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BoXZY all-in-one 3D printer, CNC mill, & laser engraver


  1. BoXZY claims industrial grade C5 ballscrews and 4 micron positioning, but their pictures show Chinese C7 transport grade rolled ballscrews.

    C5 grade “ground” ballscrews – typically used for precision positioning- have 18 micron error per 300 mm of travel and cost $500 each. Transport grade C7 “rolled” ballscrews typically have 50 micron error per 300 mm.

    That’s why they’re called transport grade.

    They surely are not using C5 ground ballscrews at $500 each, so the “4 micron” resolution is pure fantasy.


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