01-14-12 – CES!

All about the Consumer Electronics Show

03-31-12 – World Backup Day, and how you’re a pirate and don’t know it!

Ted Roller, Intronis vice president of channel development tells us: • Tell us about World Backup Day. • Tell us about Intronis. • Why does Intronis focus on the channel? • Why should people back up...

07-12-11 – Kim Pagano & Friends!

Kim from The Kim Pagano Show joins us today!

Ken on Dr. Bunny – 05-21-2010

http://kenmay.net/mp3/Ken on Dr. Bunny - 05-21-2010.mp3

06-28-11 – John Morris & IPV6

Mr. John Morris, speaking about IPV6 and how it will affect you and your business. John Morris is a Systems & Network Administrator in the RTP Area of North Carolina...

12-27-11 – Happy new year!

Our last show on KKZZ!

3-24-12 – AT&T rips you off, NASA’s Virtual doctors and more!

3-24-12 - AT&T rips you off, NASA's Virtual doctors and more!

10-04-11 – Apple iPhone 4S preview!

What new goodies does Apple have for us? Find out!