07-26-11 – Dr. Cassie Woods

Dr. Cassie tells us all about how she is using technology to give her an edge in the Children's Therapy world.

09-27-11 – The Latest in Tech News!

What's news to you? Find out!

10-11-11 – All the news about he new iPhone 4s, IOS5 and more!

All the news about he new iPhone 4s, IOS5 and more!

11-08-11 – Privacy and Big Data

Terence Craig is the CEO and CTO of PatternBuilders, a "big data" analytics services and solution provider that helps organizations across industries understand and improve their operations with advanced...

07-05-11 – Jim Nicoll – Insurance and Technology

Jim Nicoll tells us all about how Insurance and technology are intersecting.

08-09-01 – Ryan Lynch with Utopia Electronics

Ryan tells us all about home automation and the latest in high tech entertainment devices.

01-14-12 – CES!

All about the Consumer Electronics Show

11-22-11 – The face of protest online

How has technology changed the way dissent and protest happens?

02-04-12 – John Souchek and Right Scale

Today's guest is John Souchak. John works at a company called RightScale, based in Santa Barbara. RightScale provide cloud management services to individuals, small businesses, and large companies. John...