04-14-12 – The Apple Virus Epidemic!

It's time guys...pick up that antivirus...

10-18-11 – Valerie Richards – hacker insurance!

Late in the coming, but here it is. Valerie Richards tell us all about Cyber Liability and Hacker Insurance!

07-12-11 – Kim Pagano & Friends!

Kim from The Kim Pagano Show joins us today!

06-28-11 – John Morris & IPV6

Mr. John Morris, speaking about IPV6 and how it will affect you and your business. John Morris is a Systems & Network Administrator in the RTP Area of North Carolina...

06-21-11 – Robert Patlan

Interview with Robert Patlan, a local Business Telecommunications consultant.

11-01-11 – News today! Are we ready for our tech?

Is technology advancing faster than we can handle it?