08-02-11 – Jeff Coffey & StreamIt

Jeff tells us about his exciting new site: StreamIt.tv and how it is different from other Streaming Video Platforms.

02-11-12 – Carlos from Mario’s Garage and the latest in Auto Technology

Carlos, with over 30 years in the biz, gives us his thoughts on auto tech and what he does to set himself apart.

08-30-11 – Tony Spore

Tony Spore of the VV2C tells us all about upcoming Open Source projects!

07-05-11 – Jim Nicoll – Insurance and Technology

Jim Nicoll tells us all about how Insurance and technology are intersecting.

05-26-12 – Protecting your internet identity: Are you naked online?

Protecting Your Internet Identity: Are You Naked Online? Two nationally recognized experts, one a cyber expert and the other a legal expert in privacy are available to discuss the...

07-26-11 – Dr. Cassie Woods

Dr. Cassie tells us all about how she is using technology to give her an edge in the Children's Therapy world.

12-27-11 – Happy new year!

Our last show on KKZZ!