05-26-12 – Protecting your internet identity: Are you naked online?

Protecting Your Internet Identity: Are You Naked Online? Two nationally recognized experts, one a cyber expert and the other a legal expert in privacy are available to discuss the...

09-06-11 – Rod Tuazon

Rod Tuazon tells us all about the latest in technology and Real Estate.

06-28-11 – John Morris & IPV6

Mr. John Morris, speaking about IPV6 and how it will affect you and your business. John Morris is a Systems & Network Administrator in the RTP Area of North Carolina...

06-21-11 – Robert Patlan

Interview with Robert Patlan, a local Business Telecommunications consultant.

09-20-11 – Windows 8 Preview with Ken May

So much great news! Today's show is all tech news and a preview of Windows 8!

11-29-11 – The Twitter Show!

We talk to the co-author of The Twitter Book all about the social media service.

11-15-11 – Julie Black and JCI!

Julie Black of Blackfire Studios talking to us about the Junior CHamber International and how it can help young professionals.

10-25-11 – Happy Haloween in tech land!

10-25-11 - Happy Haloween in tech land!

08-02-11 – Jeff Coffey & StreamIt

Jeff tells us about his exciting new site: StreamIt.tv and how it is different from other Streaming Video Platforms.