02-18-12 – Beware the Mountain Lion !

One of the features is on the newest version of Apple's OS X: Mountain Lion! 10.8

09-13-11 – Ryan Lynch

Ryan Lynch of Utopia Creative Electronics gives us a rundown of all the awesome new tech at CEDIA 2011!

01-28-12 – The Constructal Law

Why does lightning look like a tree when it hits the ground? How do snowflakes form similar yet completely unique shapes? Why do fish always travel in...

02-04-12 – John Souchek and Right Scale

Today's guest is John Souchak. John works at a company called RightScale, based in Santa Barbara. RightScale provide cloud management services to individuals, small businesses, and large companies. John...

07-26-11 – Dr. Cassie Woods

Dr. Cassie tells us all about how she is using technology to give her an edge in the Children's Therapy world.

5-5-12 – The latest in high tech!

More tech news than you can shake a stick at!

03-10-12 – All about the new iPad!

We tell you all about the new Apple iPad and IOS 5.1!

03-31-12 – World Backup Day, and how you’re a pirate and don’t know it!

Ted Roller, Intronis vice president of channel development tells us: • Tell us about World Backup Day. • Tell us about Intronis. • Why does Intronis focus on the channel? • Why should people back up...

The Dr. Bunny Show – 05-14-10 – Call in

http://kenmay.net/mp3/Ken on Dr. Bunny - 05-14-2010.mp3