01-21-12 – Best of: Mayor Bill Fulton


04-07-12 – Crossfit: The latest in fitness science!

We're joined by Coach Colin Jenkins of West Coast Strength and Conditioning, who will tell us all about what Crossfit is, and why you need it! See them at http://westcoastsc.com...

08-30-11 – Tony Spore

Tony Spore of the VV2C tells us all about upcoming Open Source projects!

05-10-11 – Premier episode, with Julie Black

http://kenmay.net/mp3/techtoday051011.mp3 Juliane Black from Blackfire Studios talks to us about Social Media, and how it affects your business.

01-07-12 – New Year, New Station! Ft. Rod Tuazon

Our first show on KKZZ, and we learn about the latest is real estate tech!

08-02-11 – Jeff Coffey & StreamIt

Jeff tells us about his exciting new site: StreamIt.tv and how it is different from other Streaming Video Platforms.

09-20-11 – Windows 8 Preview with Ken May

So much great news! Today's show is all tech news and a preview of Windows 8!

09-06-11 – Rod Tuazon

Rod Tuazon tells us all about the latest in technology and Real Estate.