02-04-12 – John Souchek and Right Scale

Today's guest is John Souchak. John works at a company called RightScale, based in Santa Barbara. RightScale provide cloud management services to individuals, small businesses, and large companies. John...

07-26-11 – Dr. Cassie Woods

Dr. Cassie tells us all about how she is using technology to give her an edge in the Children's Therapy world.

12-27-11 – Happy new year!

Our last show on KKZZ!

11-15-11 – Julie Black and JCI!

Julie Black of Blackfire Studios talking to us about the Junior CHamber International and how it can help young professionals.

08-02-11 – Jeff Coffey & StreamIt

Jeff tells us about his exciting new site: StreamIt.tv and how it is different from other Streaming Video Platforms.

01-14-12 – CES!

All about the Consumer Electronics Show

08-16-11 – Michael from Bite Bolt

Michael tells us all about Bite Bolt - a new food delivery service. enter the coupon code kkzzken for a $5 discount!

02-18-12 – Beware the Mountain Lion !

One of the features is on the newest version of Apple's OS X: Mountain Lion! 10.8

01-07-12 – New Year, New Station! Ft. Rod Tuazon

Our first show on KKZZ, and we learn about the latest is real estate tech!