01-21-12 – Best of: Mayor Bill Fulton


02-11-12 – Carlos from Mario’s Garage and the latest in Auto Technology

Carlos, with over 30 years in the biz, gives us his thoughts on auto tech and what he does to set himself apart.

01-07-12 – New Year, New Station! Ft. Rod Tuazon

Our first show on KKZZ, and we learn about the latest is real estate tech!

06-21-11 – Robert Patlan

Interview with Robert Patlan, a local Business Telecommunications consultant.

12-22-11 – RIAA: what piracy?

The RIAA's been at it again...

01-28-12 – The Constructal Law

Why does lightning look like a tree when it hits the ground? How do snowflakes form similar yet completely unique shapes? Why do fish always travel in...

3-24-12 – AT&T rips you off, NASA’s Virtual doctors and more!

3-24-12 - AT&T rips you off, NASA's Virtual doctors and more!