5-5-12 – The latest in high tech!

More tech news than you can shake a stick at!

11-29-11 – The Twitter Show!

We talk to the co-author of The Twitter Book all about the social media service.

09-27-11 – The Latest in Tech News!

What's news to you? Find out!

09-06-11 – Rod Tuazon

Rod Tuazon tells us all about the latest in technology and Real Estate.

12-27-11 – Happy new year!

Our last show on KKZZ!

08-09-01 – Ryan Lynch with Utopia Electronics

Ryan tells us all about home automation and the latest in high tech entertainment devices.

07-26-11 – Dr. Cassie Woods

Dr. Cassie tells us all about how she is using technology to give her an edge in the Children's Therapy world.

07-05-11 – Jim Nicoll – Insurance and Technology

Jim Nicoll tells us all about how Insurance and technology are intersecting.