Facebook acknowledges news feeds are bad at news, vows to improve


Facebook’s News Feed pays attention to trending topics, right, but news feeds have lately seemed to be lacking in news. Following criticism of the lack of current events in Facebook news feeds, Facebook has announced tweaks to its algorithms meant to help surface timely content. The company plans to do this by giving more value to posts that get interactions, such as likes and comments, and pushing posts when that activity seems to be cresting. In the blog post announcing the changes, Facebook wrote that it often prioritizes posts about “trending” topics that appear in the chart of hashtags posted on the right side of users’ homepages. Facebook also places higher value on posts according to how many interactions (likes, comments, shares) they receive. But as things are, some users have noted that Facebook seems to miss news waves , or is late to them, as with the fatal shooting of Mike Brown and the related protests that played out over weeks in August. When Facebook’s curation methods didn’t acknowledge those events, users noticed the news vacuum in their news feeds. Read 1 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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Facebook acknowledges news feeds are bad at news, vows to improve


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