GitHub for Windows given a shiny new look for version 2


Two years ago, GitHub released GitHub for Windows , a Metro-styled graphical interface for managing git version control. Today, the company released GitHub for Windows version 2. Version 2 introduces an all-new look. It’s still a minimalist, Metro-style interface, but it’s even more pared down than it was before; where the old interface used shading, the new one depends even more heavily on whitespace and positioning. The concept behind the redesign is to give a more focused, concentrated view on the things that developers care about. The old application had developers jumping between a range of different screens to perform different operations; this is much reduced in the new version. For example, to commit changes to a repository, the old application switched to a dedicated “commit” view. The new one performs the commit from within the main view. Read 2 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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GitHub for Windows given a shiny new look for version 2


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