Google Maps for mobile now helps bikers avoid steep hills


Summer’s in full swing and the weather’s nice, so how about ditching your gas-guzzlin’ ride for something human-powered? If you do, Google’s latest update to Maps on mobile wants to help make biking a little easier . New features for two-wheeled transportation include routes based on elevation so you can avoid any strenuous climbs and, as Android Police reports , there’s apparently a tool to compare different itineraries based on elevation as well. Should you to stick to a car for getting around (air conditioning is awfully nice), Mountain View didn’t forget about you, either. A handful of voice commands have been added for checking what traffic is like ahead of you, estimated arrival time and next-turn reminders, among others. Unlike the familiar “OK, Google” voice-prompt though, these orders aren’t fully hands-free just yet. Meaning, we don’t recommend searching for the on-screen microphone button to initiate the app’s listening mode while you’re in traffic — fumbling to activate a route overview isn’t worth causing an accident over. If you want to take the app for a test-drive, however, check out the source link . [Image credit: johnthescone/Flickr] Filed under: Cellphones , Mobile , Google Comments Via: Android Police Source: Google Play

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Google Maps for mobile now helps bikers avoid steep hills


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