How Shipping Containers are Made


As we saw last week , shipping containers carry our manufactured goods all around the world. There are some 17 million of them in existence, and that number will never shrink; no one can make a profit recycling shipping containers, because it takes a lot of energy to melt 8, 000 pounds of steel down. So once brought into existence, these sturdy, hulking boxes are here to stay. A portion of you are undoubtedly curious as to how they transform raw rolls of sheet metal into shipping containers. Well, here’s how, as documented by Canadian company Big Box Steel . Pretty cool to see all of the jigs, rigs and fixtures, like the horizontally and vertically sliding chairs the welders sit in: Now having seen the vid, what do you reckon is the worst job in that manufacturing squad? I think that guy at 8:12 who has to do the underside waterproofing has got it the worst. (more…)

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How Shipping Containers are Made


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