Long TSA Delays Force Airports To Hire Private Security Contractors


An anonymous Slashdot reader writes: TSA checkpoints caused 6, 800 American Airlines passengers to miss their flights in just one week this spring, and the problem isn’t improving. “Two years ago the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) offered $15, 000 to anybody — literally anybody — who could come up with an idea to speed up airport security…” writes Popular Science. “They wouldn’t say who won or for which idea, but since we’re here two years later with longer wait times than ever, it’s fair to say it hasn’t lived up to the groundbreaking ideals of that call to action… Now in summer 2016, the TSA recommends arriving three hours early instead of a mere two.” So this spring the Seattle-Tacoma airport replaced many of the TSA staff with private screeners, although “Private security operates under strict direction from the TSA, and even those airports that heavily utilize private contractors still have a lot of TSA personnel in the back rooms…” according to the article. “The ability to do exactly what the TSA does, only faster and cheaper, seems to be the major draw.” Now 22 U.S. airports are using private screeners, although the Seattle and San Francisco airports are the only ones with significant traffic. The article also cites a Homeland Security report which discovered that investigators were able to smuggle a test bomb past security checkpoints in 67 out of 70 tests. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Long TSA Delays Force Airports To Hire Private Security Contractors


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