MediaPortal 2 – Alpha 1 Autumn release


Team MediaPortal is proud to release yet another alpha of the upcoming HTPC revolution MediaPortal 2! A lot of work has been done since the summer release of MediaPortal 2. Here is a short collection of changes: New Plugins News Plugin Party Music Player Utilities Skin improvements New movie layout (Reflexion) VideoBackground (Reflexion) (Check video below!) Improved readability in content area (Reflexion) New background (RisingSkin) Style rework (RisingSkin) New features and improvements Better series and movie lookup: Reading metadata from nfo files Support for movie collections Different PiP strategies: user can select if the current video should be “parked” in PiP, or will stay the fullscreen player (old way) MovieThumbnailer creates thumbnails for videos where windows shell method fail (based on ffmpeg) Added password control to SkinEngine Added render events and statistics renderer plugin (F10 to enable stats, F11 toggle render strategies) Online lookups (series, movies, weather) don’t block MP2 when no network connection is available Videoplayer now support dvr-ms and wtv format Extended and fixed Fanart service Further information & support If you are looking for further information please check out  MediaPortal 2 wiki  first. We are heavily working to improve it. If you don’t find an answer there create a new thread in  MediaPortal 2 forums . If you found a bug, please check  Mantis  &  Continue Reading

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MediaPortal 2 – Alpha 1 Autumn release


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