Microsoft is offering money for your old Surface (if you buy a new one)


Still have a Surface RT that you relegated to the closet after you realized that it couldn’t run “real” Windows apps? Don’t send that tablet to the recyclers just yet — it might just get you some credit toward a much more useful model. Microsoft is running a US promotion that will let you trade in any Surface by March 8th and get cash toward the purchase of a Surface Pro 3 . So long as the outgoing device is in good working order, you’ll get as much as $650 off a shiny new slate — if it’s one of the more recent ones. Be sure to gauge the value of your ancient gear before you jump on this offer, though. As with many first-party trade-in deals, Microsoft is being a bit stingy — you’ll get just $84 for a 32GB Surface RT, and even a decked-out 512GB Surface Pro 2 will net you a mere $361. The only way to hit that alluring $650 mark is to hand in a 256GB, Core i5-equipped Surface Pro 3… which defeats the point, really. This promo makes the most sense if you’re more concerned about the hassles of selling on sites like Craigslist or eBay than wringing out every potential dollar. Filed under: Tablets , Microsoft Comments Via: SuperSite for Windows Source: Microsoft

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Microsoft is offering money for your old Surface (if you buy a new one)


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