Nissan to sell multiple affordable self-driving cars by 2020


Google’s not the only one trying to build self-driving cars , despite the fact that it gets a ton of attention for all those autonomous autos roaming Bay Area streets. Many manufacturers are interested in taking human error out of the driving equation, and now Nissan aims to do so by 2020. That’s right, folks, Nissan Executive VP Andy Palmer stated today that the plan is to sell multiple affordable models of fully autonomous cars by 2020. And, to meet that goal, the company is constructing a facility to test self-driving systems that’ll be up and running in 2014. Nissan’s development timetable falls right in line with some of its competitors , but talk is cheap — time will tell if Nissan can deliver on both its autonomous and affordability promises. Filed under: Transportation Comments Via: Wall Street Journal Source: Nissan

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Nissan to sell multiple affordable self-driving cars by 2020


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