Trigger word: e-mail monitoring gets easy in Office 365, Exchange


I’m in ur email, watching ur filez. Diana Dee Sophia Exchange 2013 and Office 365 include a new feature that can peek into e-mail messages and enclosed documents, then flag them, forward them, or block them entirely based on what it finds. This sort of data loss prevention technology has become increasingly common in corporate mail systems. But its inclusion as a feature in Office 365’s cloud service makes it a lot more accessible to organizations that haven’t had the budget or expertise to monitor the e-mail lives of their employees. As we showed in our review of the new Office server platforms , the data loss prevention feature of Microsoft’s new messaging platforms can detect things like credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other content that has no business travelling by e-mail.  Because of how simple it is to configure rules for Microsoft’s DLP and security features, administrators will also have the power to do other sorts of snooping into what’s coming and going from users’ mailboxes. Unfortunately, depending on the mix of mail servers in your organization—or which Exchange instances you happen to hit in the O365 Azure cloud—they may not work all the time. And they won’t help defeat someone determined to steal data via e-mail. Read 9 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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Trigger word: e-mail monitoring gets easy in Office 365, Exchange


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