Unreleased Sony movies leak online following studio hack


There may now be some strong evidence that the Sony Pictures hackers came across a treasure trove of sensitive info when they broke into the movie studio’s networks. High-quality screener copies of Annie , Fury , Mr. Turner and Still Alice have reached torrent file sites well before you can get any of them at home — and, outside of Fury , before you can even see them in theaters. While there’s no direct evidence that the Sony Pictures attackers (the “Guardians of Peace”) are responsible, a tipster claiming to be the “boss of G.O.P.” has emailed many media outlets claiming that the group seeded the bootleg videos. That may be supported by the names of the torrents themselves, which start with “2014 Sony Movie” in a seeming attempt to highlight the source. If the GOP did pirate the movies, that suggests that there are far worse things to come. We’ve obtained a copy of the alleged email, and it claims that “under 100 terabytes” of data is going to reach the web in the near future. Suffice it to say that Sony doesn’t want to see that happen — it could reveal the personal information for legions of workers, not to mention production plans. If there’s any truth to the threats, the company could be dealing with the repercussions of the data breach for a long, long while. Filed under: Home Entertainment , Internet , HD , Sony Comments Source: TorrentFreak

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Unreleased Sony movies leak online following studio hack


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