World’s first government-backed digital currency to launch in December


It doesn’t yet have a name, but Ecuador’s new government-backed virtual currency is coming. That’s the thrust of a new report from the Associated Press , anyway — the country’s Central Bank is said to be gearing up for a launch sometime in December, though the juicy technical details and the mechanics of how citizens can get their metaphorical hands on these things are still shrouded in mystery. What does seem clear at this point is that Ecuador’s current cash (in the form of US dollars) isn’t going anywhere, and that people will be able to conduct transactions with each other from their mobile phones without big fees eating into them. If everything goes according to plan, this’d be the first time a national government has launched its own official digital currency, though that’s not to say some cryptocurrency nuts haven’t aimed to affect change on a national scale. Enthusiasts in the Czech Republic launched the CzechCrownCoin a few days ago in a bid to bolster online business in the country, and the Auroracoin folks made the virtual equivalent of $380 available to all the fine folks of Iceland… only to see its value tank over time. Comments Source: AP (PhysOrg)

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World’s first government-backed digital currency to launch in December


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