Facebook page insights go real time


    As anticipated, Facebook announced today its page insights product will now update in real time.

    This gives page owners instant access to insights such as People Talking About This, and Page post metrics including “reach” and “engaged users.” Previously this data was updated every 48 hours. The information will only be visible within the insights dashboard, not inline with posts as it was previously.

    Real-time page insights will be made available to all page admins over the next few weeks.

    In January 2011, Facebook tried to show insights in real time underneath each page post. Many page owners found the data inconsistent with actual performance. It is very technically difficult to achieve real-time insights at the scale Facebook is working on. There were more than 37 million pages with 10 or more Likes as of Dec. 31, 2011, according to regulatory filings made by Facebook ahead of its initial public offering.

    Having all insights in real time instead of on a two-day delay isn’t likely to change most page owners behavior, but it could help organizations better track how their posts perform each hour. We talk more about the implications of real-time insights here.

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    Facebook page insights go real time


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