Google shuts down features and services for ‘winter cleaning’


Seasons change and web services shut down — such in life. Google today announced some “difficult decisions” regarding a number of properties, particularly Calendar, which will see the end of several “less popular” features on the 4th of next month. On the list of blacked out capabilities are the ability to make reservable times through the service’s Appointment slots. Smart Rescheduler and Add Gadget by URL are also set to go black on that date, while the ability to check one’s calendar and create events via SMS are coming to an end today. On January 30th, meanwhile, it will no longer be possible to set up new devices with Google Sync. That date also marks the end of Google Sync for Nokia S60 and SyncML — and today, the company’s discontinuing Google Calendar Sync. Also on the chopping block are Google’s Issue Tracker API and Punchd. More info on all the shutdowns can be found in the source link. Filed under: Internet , Software , Google Comments Via: The Next Web Source: The Official Google Blog

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Google shuts down features and services for ‘winter cleaning’


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