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Netflix has a vested interest in fostering cloud computing — after all, that’s increasingly the company’s core business . Accordingly, it’s not going to just sit around and wait for a breakthrough. The subscription service is kicking off its Netflix Cloud Prize competition in the hopes that developers can move technology a little faster. Programmers who build upon Netflix’s open-source code before September 15th can win from a pool of $100,000 spread equally among 10 categories, ranging from performance improvements to what has to be our automatic favorite: “best new monkey .” Each winner also gets $5,000 in Amazon Web Services credit, flights to Las Vegas and a spot at Amazon’s user conference this November. The challenge won’t completely make up for the end to Netflix’s public API, but it does show that at least some tinkerers are welcome in the streaming video giant’s world. Filed under: Home Entertainment , Internet , HD Comments Source: Netflix (GitHub)

Netflix Cloud Prize offers over $100,000 in rewards to cloud computing gurus

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