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The Resort Where You Can Swim in Beer

Posted by kenmay on July - 11 - 2013

Do you love beer so much that you want to feel it all over your body? The Starkenberger Brewery in Austria can give you that experience: Residing in the old fermentation brewery, there are seven total pools in a Turkish-bath-like room, each of which are heated and contain 12, 000L of water enriched with 300L Biergeläger (remote yeast). Fun fact: ever since the days of ancient Egypt when Cleopatra bathed in beer while Mark Anthony was off conquering empires, beer bath’s have been rumored to have a healing, restorative effect. You’ve gotta make reservations in advance but for $298/ pool (and an additional $6.50/ person) this could be you sharing a beer pool with blonde coeds. Your two hours of beer bathing also come with beer crackers and a “Tyrolean meat spread” plus one non-swimmed-in bottle of suds per person; because actually drinking the pool beer would be insane…  right ?? You can do this cheaper in your bathtub with a couple cases of Bud Light, but the ambiance is different. Link -via American Digest (Photo: Starkenberger )

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The Resort Where You Can Swim in Beer

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