12-27-11 – Happy new year!

Our last show on KKZZ!

12-22-11 – RIAA: what piracy?

The RIAA's been at it again...

12-13-11 – Facebook Timeline!

All about the new Facebook Timeline!

11-29-11 – The Twitter Show!

We talk to the co-author of The Twitter Book all about the social media service.

11-22-11 – The face of protest online

How has technology changed the way dissent and protest happens?

11-15-11 – Julie Black and JCI!

Julie Black of Blackfire Studios talking to us about the Junior CHamber International and how it can help young professionals.

11-08-11 – Privacy and Big Data

Terence Craig is the CEO and CTO of PatternBuilders, a "big data" analytics services and solution provider that helps organizations across industries understand and improve their operations with advanced...

11-01-11 – News today! Are we ready for our tech?

Is technology advancing faster than we can handle it?

10-25-11 – Happy Haloween in tech land!

10-25-11 - Happy Haloween in tech land!